First time use

After installing the app, you will have a empty list. Start by entering a new (dummy) location:


  1. Press the blue ‘+’ sign and add a test location to try out the app.
  2. Write a text on the first line (the header), and push ‘OK’ (or 'enter' symbol).
  3. Then add a txt at the second (Note) line followed by ‘OK’.
  4. Make sure you have a good GPS reading, this normally requires that you are outdoor. 
  5. Push the ‘add photo’ button. This opens the camera, take a photo, and push ‘OK’ to confirm the photo.
  6. Then push ‘Done’.

    You will now have the first registration in the list.

Add a registration

Enter Title, Note, category, photo and optional beacon, as you wish. GPS is added automatically, or manually. The 'Done' button is shown when GPS reading is ok.

View List

The ‘LIST’ has all the records stored. The list shows the distance from where you are to the locations. The beacon status indicate the time since last contact.

All registered locations in the ‘LIST’ can be shown in a map.


Clicking one record in the ‘LIST’ will give you the details on that registration:


You can add more categories by pressing the pluss button. Click the category to change the name.

Report by e-mail

You may generate an e-mail to report a finding. By pushing the e-mail or share symbol, on the details page, you will generate an e-mail. All you need to write yourself is the address.

 The written headline will be in the subject field. The sub-text will appear in the e-mail text. A link with reference to Google map is added.