Your catalog of discoveries, by photos, map and notes.

Natures wonders or urban discoveries can be captured in this app, by map location, notes and photos. Easy to remember, log and find your sites or actions when needed. Offload your brain by placing it on a to-do list. Maintenance and repair needs, or simply outdoor spots you love, are captured and stored. Share or report findings by app generated e-mail.

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Your observations get lost if not documented. Share with community, friends, media or landlord.

Easy tool for storage of observations. Take photo and write notes to document your thoughts. Track your locations. Share with your friends or associates. 

Best app to log events, sites or outdoor needs. Intuitive in use, no training needed. Share text, image and GoogleMap-link with email. You can leave a beacon to help with tracking. Free download gives you an opportunity to try out all functions. Registration of beacons is disabled after two weeks and can be opened as an inapp purchase. 

Your needs may vary

  • Maintenance or repair
  • Places to harvest from nature (i.e. berries, mushrooms, foraging)
  • Share by app-gererated email
  • Report damage to your landlord or superior
  • Register machinery at construction site
  • Keep track of farming outdoor needs or depot location
  • Prospectors catalog of discoveries
  • Places you love - for painting, artwork, botanist or just to re-visit
  • Scientific instruments
  • Installations for property managers
  • Great escapes, secret findings, where to hike.

Streamline your outdoor tasks by getting better overview and remember all needs. Register environmental damage and repair needs with photos and text. Create your catalog of Natures wonders and top harvest locations. Let our app lead you to past discoveries. Register outdoor equipment, sites or maintenance needs, with GPS location or Beacon. Write notes and take pictures, as part of the registration. Useful for any outdoor activity where you need to find a specific spot or asset and remember your ‘to do’ topics.


  • Register outdoor locations with GPS or Beacon.
  • Add notes and picture for each new location
  • List all locations or view a map with all locations
  • View live status of nearby beacons 
  • Use GPS to find a pre-registered location
  • Use Beacon to find an exact spot - proximity feature
  • View all details for a location, to remember actions or findings
  • Share findings by email. Notes, reference to google map and photo is automatically included by the app
  • Update and edit notes and GPS marker entered earlier

Adding new beacons will be disabled after a trial period.
access all features a onetime inapp purchase is required. 

Example: The gate will not close. Report to landlord

Example: Report a maintenance need to authorities or landlord.